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About this blog

Develop your skill with other photographers and enjoy a monthly webinar giving you a behind the scenes look into creating styled portraits from setting up the shoot to developing in post production. 

Join me every month for a behind the scenes look into children, family and senior portrait photography where we will be covering posing, creating & styling, setting it up for a good in-camera and polishing off the image in post processing. (Most images will be processed in photoshop cs6/creative cloud, if you have elements, some tools may be different but you will be able to follow along on some tools) Each month on the 15th a new webinar and challenge will be posted. 

Following the Creating Life in Children's Portraiture will be "Successful Family Portraits" and "A Look into Senior Photography"

You can join in at any time and view webinars at any time during premium membership. 


Not ready for a workshop but want to dive into the forum? Check out the different membership options! 

Basic Membership Access - There is a Share Your Work forum where you can share your work and ask for general cc/feedback. There is also a Getting Started Forum to post your questions if you are just starting out. I've already put together a lot of the frequently asked questions in there. This access is free.


Premium Membership Access - This membership give full access to the forum (stated above) and will also give access to the monthly interactive webinar/workshop "Developing Style" where each month I will share a challenge geared around the topic I am teaching and sharing on. I will be covering behind the scenes to getting it right in camera to finishing it off in photoshop. In addition to the monthly webinars, access to entire forum includes post processing shares, technical tips forum (covering gear, lighting, posing), more intense cc, etc. I will be posting tips, tutorials, in this group regularly. This access is $29.87 per month.

To sign up, CLICK HERE.

Excited to continue learning and growing with you all! 

~Jackie Jean

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